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For Airport Authorities


Understand airline passenger price preferences for your airport’s ground side parking rates, valuable insight when setting car and truck parking fees. The goal is to identify the ideal price to broaden the market appeal and increase revenue.


Using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter market technique, we can help identify consumer price preferences for airport parking rates among commercial air passengers.


- Part One (One Week) -

  • Develop the survey - we work from our templates, but make slight adjustments applicable to individual airports

  • Review the study with our assigned contact at your airport authority

- Part Two (Four Weeks) -

  • Your airport authority, usually through one or more contracted individuals or volunteers, collect the data from approximately 1,300 passengers departing from your air terminal over several weeks using the wifi enabled tablets provided by Altitude Consulting, so the data is collected in real time.

- Part Three (One Week) -

  • Return the tablets to Altitude Consulting

  • Altitude Consulting will analyze the raw data

- Part Four (Two Weeks) -

  • We will prepare a consumer price preference report for your airport's parking rates using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter Technique.


What the Airport Authority will do:

  • Provide a surveyor to collect a minimum of 1,300 completed surveys among commercial airline passengers in the air terminal departure lounge

  • Courier the tablets back to Altitude Consulting in Kelowna, British Columbia

What Altitude Consulting will do:

  • Design the survey

  • Ship the tablets to your airport

  • Compile the raw data

  • Prepare and submit the report on the data’s findings in PDF format (printed copies of the final report can be made available on request at printing cost + 5% markup)

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For more information and custom quoting, contact Ross Brown - Managing Partner

1 (403) 399-1427

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